If mobility and versatility are important, our AIRQUESTSMT™ (Specific Mission Tender) is the answer. The AIRQUESTSMT™ design is a complete, factory assembled and tested breathing air system on a highway-ready trailer for refilling breathing air cylinders at, or strategically near, the incident site. Key features include the following:

  • Complete, turnkey breathing air system includes the compressor, purification system, GenSet or diesel engine drive, choice of air storage system, comprehensive operating center with high quality instrumentation, including CO and H2O monitors, and 2-position containment design fill station. The compressor capacity range available is between 14 and 24 CFM charging rate.
  • AirQuest SMT Unit
  • Operating control center is located at rear for maximum operator protection from traffic flow. The control center access door provides shade from the sun and shelter from rain, sleet or snow enhancing operator comfort.
  • All aluminum trailer and enclosure construction, electrostatically applied powder coat finish and design features that result in a robust yet light structure maintain towing weight manageability (7,800 Lbs. maximum) and is highly resistant to corrosion. The heavy duty, dual axle trailer has a 10,000 Lbs. GVW rating and includes electric brakes, 20-gallon diesel fuel tank, spare tire and dual battery auxiliary power system.
  • Our feature GenSet design features an engine-driven shaft mounted generator with a power range of 19 to 28 continuous KW rating that generates all of the power necessary to run the electric-driven compressor, all internal and optional flood lights and auxiliary electric outlets. There is no need for a separate portable or in-line belt driven generator. This design also includes a shore power cable allowing the user, if so desired, to connect to and run the system from an external building power source.
  • The GenSet powertrain is a clean and simple design that utilizes a single belt drive, between the electric motor and the compressor that minimizes mechanical transfer power losses resulting in efficient air delivery and low fuel consumption. This unique design also results in much less unexpected downtime and maintenance than other products that use multiple belt drives, clutches and slap reducing belt idlers in their power train.




WEIGHT lbs. (kg)



24.0 (680)
6000 (414)
7800 (3538)
21.0 (595)
6000 (414)
7800 (3538)
14.0 (396)
6000 (414)
7800 (3538)
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