SafeStation X3

The SafeStationX3 is designed to fill three SCBA/SCUBA cylinders Simultaneously or separately.

  • Operation simplified through the use of graphic technology that groups all the control and air flow components used in the SCBA/SCUBA filling process.
  • Optional cascade control panel
  • Appliance cabinet finish
  • AIRLOCK access door, ‘click door handle down to open, click door handle up to close’
  • Dual wall containment; fill door is trapped behind the frame when closed for extra protection
  • Full size access doors both sides
  • Optional dual regulator access
  • Regulated fill panel with auxiliary fill outlet
  • Optional integral air storage rack for 2 ISO or ASMEcylinders (extension rack for up to 4 cylinders)




WEIGHT lbs. (kg)



1400 (635)
71 " H x 34.5" W x 36" D (180.3 x 87.6 x 91.4)
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